Kathleen Royster Nelson
10/06/09 09:02 PM

Huguenot, We Fondly Love Thee!

  What a fabulous night! Thanks to everyone who came from far away to be a part of it. And really big thanks to Gayle, Betty, Karen and Barry, DeAun, Scottie, and I know others that I'm leaving out. It was so great just to have time to talk and visit. My voice gave out at around 9:30 pm, and I still haven't recovered it...but am hoping that we can at least do a
mini reunion of some sort before our 50th! Go Falcons! H-U-G-U-E-N-O-T! Kaki

Just wanted to say "thank you" to you and all the committee that helped put the reunion together.  It was a lovely evening.  The website is inspired.  I know it's been a lot of work and your efforts are appreciated.
Faye Wooters Smith
Dear Class of 69 planning committee,

Thank you for a wonderful reunion. I love that it was casual and organic and the beer was paid for! The website was a great idea and made it so easy to catch up with people before and after the reunion. Thanks for your hard work and your creativity. I had a great time.

Plum Burruss Cluverius

Just wanted to add my thanks to everyone who organized the reunion. It was planned to perfection, including the full moon and lovely weather! Enjoyed seeing everyone !
Sallie Brush Thalhimer

A wonderful time was had by all. What a great night the reunion was! I have posted photos that turned out and hope others will do the same. I had a wonderful time! Thanks to each and everyone who worked so hard on the planning and making it happen! Great job! So nice to see everyone. Thank you ~ Jane Lynn
What a Hoot! Great seeing everyone and recognizing many without having to look at their name tag. Thanks to all who made last night possible.  Bill Blair

  • From: Claude Perkins  -  Thanks to all involved for planning such a wonderful evening!!! The casual atmosphere was great, and thankfully the weather was great. I hope a less than 10 year event could become a reality, before we are all too old to remember anything and are still around to remember it!!! It was really great seeing all our old Falcon friends!!!
  • From: Philip Gardner

    Thanks to all who put in so much time and effort into a hugely successful party. It was truly wonderful to see and catch up with everyone. I had a great time !!