Elizabeth Susanne Miller Carter

Profile Updated: May 17, 2015
Elizabeth Susanne Miller
Residing In: Dunedin, FL USA
Spouse/Partner/Significant Other/Insignificant Other!: Thomas Crowe
Occupation: Retired
Children: Darwin, born 1982
Caleb, born 1985
Yes! Attending Reunion

In 1969 I graduated, left home, and “walked off to look for America,” (Simon and Garfunkel, 1968), never dreaming one day I would wake up and be the ancient age of 58. As I typed (on a manual typewriter) my way through two English degrees and protested the Vietnam War, I became a lifelong advocate for peace, equality, human rights, and tolerance.

Building upon my illustrious first career as a waitress at the Sundae Junction on Cary Street, I used my “highly marketable” English degrees to “put food on the family” (George Bush, 2006) by teaching junior high English, working in university libraries, doing research, and writing grant proposals for 32 years. I have tried my luck at freelance writing over the years and although I have received a plethora of rejection letters, I have had enough acceptances to keep my wounded ego pounding on the keyboard.

With not a drop of business experience but a spirit of adventure and a love of dogs spurring me on, I recently switched gears, took an early retirement, and became a “dog nurturer” and co-owner (with entrepreneurial hubby) of Companion Camp, a very nontraditional pet boarding service on ten acres near Chapel Hill, NC. As I scoop poop on a daily basis, I often wonder if this is what my senior classmates had in mind when they elected me Most Likely to Succeed?

Over the last four decades I have known the joy of marriage, the heartbreak of divorce, and the solace of solitude. I have given birth twice and held the hand of my father (who graciously chauffeured many of us to Falcon football and basketball games) as he died last winter. I have experienced the unconditional love of two goofy beagle brothers and the pain of their departure to a place where I like to envision them happily chasing rabbits forever.

I have admitted addictions to chocolate, NPR, and online Scrabble. I raise a few blueberry plants and lots of weeds. I prefer slow food to fast and don't own a cell phone. I read Billy Collins’ poetry. I listen to Simon and Garfunkel. I’m “still crazy (about Robert Redford) after all these years” (Paul Simon, 1975).

Like many Lefties, I grumbled my way through a period of disillusionment and cynicism during the Bush years, but have now experienced a renewed sense of optimism and hope for the future of our country (and world) under the leadership of Barack Obama (I’m so happy that my adopted state turned blue for this historic election). If McCain/Palin had been elected, I was considering a move to Canada or Costa Rica. Now I think I’ll stay (at least for the next four years). :)

It’s fun to read the profiles of friends from long ago on the Class of 1969 web site, and I appreciate the efforts of those who have developed it. Like all of us, I am saddened by the growing list of our classmates who have passed on way too early in their lives. These names are a reminder that every day is indeed a gift and never to be taken for granted.

Although we may have taken different pathways, I hope each of us has appreciated the journey as we have “all gone to look for America” and in so doing, found ourselves.

2014 update: My husband and I have retired from the doggy business (but not doggies) to Dunedin, Florida and are enjoying renovating a 1927 home with lots of character and quirks, gardening year round, hiking on the pet beach with our dog, reading and writing, playing online Scrabble, and volunteering our time with dog rescue, reading with dogs, and literacy programs. Michigan grandkids keep me reading Curious George and racking up frequent flyer miles.

I finally made it into the 21st century. I now have a web site: www.susannecarter.com

I also have a blog: www.shortstoryinsights.com

And I'm on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susanne.carter.370


Mahdi, born 2010 and Zainab, born 2012

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